Pines Pre-School
Hanworth Community Centre
Hanworth Road, Bracknell, RG12 7WX


Why Pre-school ??

and social skills
Potentially most important in this key developmental stage is the improvement in communication and socialisation skills. Interacting with other children of their own age will help them with interpersonal skills that will prepare them for going to school. Regularly communicating with other children and adults will also assist in improved speech and language skills.

We are a privately owned & fully staffed preschool equipped to meet the emotional, social, intellectual & physical needs of your children. We’re committed to providing high quality care in a happy, safe, secure, homely & fun environment.
Situated on the grounds of the Pines School &  sharing a building with the Hanworth Community Centre we are part of the local community.
Your Childs care
We have been looking after the communities children since Jane Gibbon  started the Pre-School over 30 years ago.
We are the first Pre-school in the Berkshire area to have been awarded,
                    Reflecting on Quality
by The Pre-school Learning Alliance Quality Improvement Scheme supporting nurseries and Pre‑schools to aim for the highest possible standards of education and care.
Why Pre-school ??

Head start in learning
Research shows that spending time in a pre-school enhances a child’s development. The Effective Provision of Pre-School Education project found that pre-school experience, compared to none, enhances all-round development in children and that an earlier start (under three) is related to better intellectual development. It also found that the beneficial effects of pre-school remained evident throughout Key Stage 1.

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Why Pre-school ??

Learn to share
An important if somewhat over looked skill which, at times, can lead you to think your child will never learn! This common and extream difficulty can be helped by  exposure to group play and interacting with other children at an early age. Children can begin to recognise the idea of sharing, taking turns and the joy that can be associated with playing well together. It also helps with learning how to share a person’s time, such as an adult, and understanding that they can’t be the centre of someone’s attention all the time and need to learn to be patient.

Children are able to start at The Pines preschool between the ages of two & three & can stay with us until they start "Big" school. The Pines preschools offer short Morning Only sessions as well as a Lunch Club & 3 afternoon sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, to help 'ease' your child out of the home & into a more sociable childcare setting. We offer a great learning environment where they can play, learn & have fun with other children of a similar age, introducing them to the ways of education without their parent present.
The Pines Preschool  will also help your child build confidence, social & cognitive skills & provide a good transitional base between home & "Big" school. Each group will have a varied mix of toys, games, singing, story-time, reading, painting, playdough, art & craft activities, with a free play & outdoor area for children to run around in. All supervised by proffesional caring staff offering a safe & fun enviroment.
Opening Times:
Monday - Friday : 09:05am - 12:05pm
Tuesday - Thursday : 12:15pm - 03:15pm
Lunch Club until 1pm
Charged at £11.00 per session
Lunch Club £5.00 extra
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  1. Preschool
    Reading stories helps to build listening, understanding & speaking skills. Children learn new words & key phrases from stories, rhymes & singing. They learn to concentrate & look at illustrations with an adult, a small group of children or alone. They may then use these skills to add conversation into their play & will hopefully develop a lifelong love of reading . The diverse nature of our setting enables us to celebrate holidays with children of all cultures.
  2. Interactive Games
    Painting is used both inside & out. This may be at an easel, printing with stamps, using string, marbles or hands. Children are encouraged to explore colour, colour mixing & to be creative on a small & large scale. Jigsaw puzzles are always available to the children to attempt either alone or with the guidance of an adult. This activity is an early introduction to Mathematics involving shapes & space.
  3. Fun & Entertainment
    Our equipment is well looked after & always kept clean & safe. There are both well equipped indoor & outdoor play areas & weather permitting we also have use of the school field. We have a yearly sports days where all children & staff can take part. Parents are always encouraged to watch their children in any activities. Seasonal plays are also a fun & entertaining part of the school year.
  4. Nutrition
    A mid-morning & afternoon snack is provided along with milk or water. Children can bring in their pack lunches to be eaten during Lunch break. The children are monitored while eating & encouraged to complete their lunches while sat at tables with their friends & staff helping them socialize & maintain a sound healthy body & mind.
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Certified Pre-School

Experianced, qualified & helpfull staff.